Animal Jazz

Animal Jazz

Triumphantly celebrating the 10th anniversary of his cult album "Step Breath" and assembling the full halls Stadium and A2, ANIMAL JAZZ do not stop and already in April 2018 will present listeners with their new, ninth studio album.

Work on the album "Happiness" was conducted over the past three years. The audience has already appreciated the singles "Not Your Death", "Love for Flight" and "Happiness", which became the title track of the new release. Each of the tracks received recognition from the fans of the group and occupied the leading positions in the main rock hit parade of the country "Chartova Dozen".

Here is what the frontman of the group Alexander Krasovitsky says about the new album:
"I'm such a person - I often have cold inside. And pitch darkness. And in other periods of life - fire and bright light. Between these elements, my soul is rushing, for many years now. But sometimes, suddenly, there is a moment of balance. A moment when the temperature inside becomes room. And a feeling of peace and some kind of fullness. This moment, when there is no fire, no frost - this is happiness. This is our new album. "


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