Ballet «Romeo and Juliet»

Ballet «Romeo and Juliet»

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The play nominated for the "Golden Mask 2012-2013" in 4 categories.

The ballet elegy of three geniuses of different eras capture the essence of human existence - suffering for the sake of love. It all began, as always, with the Word. William Shakespeare created the immortal tragedy of two lovers, which had been laid between the sinister abyss tribal hatred. Nacho Duato, a choreographer from God, imbued with sensuality and intimacy drama brilliant English writer and created his own, no less great dance work.

And as the musical accompaniment chosen melody and harmony of the works by Sergei Prokofiev. Thus was born a touching ballet about unhappy young men and women, Romeo and Juliet, which was destined, if not live, because to die together.
Luxury costumes, a wealth of scenery, indescribable plastic and accuracy of each motion, acting - complemented the ballet is alarming, the delicate tints of musical harmony Sergei Prokofiev. All together - image, music and dance - it helps, at least temporarily surrendered to the gentle hands of art that lead to the world of the unknown faces and realizations.

In some moments it seems to the viewer that every cell is vibrating to the beat of the soul touches chord, and raises his hands a mysterious force. Another note - and you will pull in a whirlwind of enchanting movements, dance steps and a flurry of magic sound ...

Libretto: Nacho Duato on the eponymous tragedy by William Shakespeare
Choreography: Nacho Duato
Director: Jaffar Chalabi
The premiere: 13 December 2012
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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