Festival «Autoradio. Disco of the 80's»

Festival «Autoradio. Disco of the 80's»

December 1, 2017 in the "Ice Palace" of St. Petersburg with the support of PJSC Gazprom will host the XVI International Music Festival "Avtoradio" - "Disco 80".

It's not just a story, it's not just music - it's the time of first love and first kisses, real friendship and genuine happiness, this feeling is the same feeling when you're 16 again! It's been such a long time, but it's worth to be on the dance floor "Disco 80s", as everything immediately comes to life in memory.

Thirty years ago, Modern Talking, C.C.Catch, Bad Boys Blue, Pupo, Sandra, Boney M, Opus, Savage, Sabrina turned the minds of the boys and girls of the generation of the 80s. So unlike the usual Soviet idols - Lyudmila Zykina, Muslim Magomayev, Valentin Tolkunov, Yevgeny Martynov, Eduard Gil - they revolutionized the stage. Their unusual but beautiful songs were copied from the tape to the tape and heard "up to the holes," rare posters and paper covers were photographed to a simple "Change" or more sophisticated "Zenith", then to boast in school discos. Young Komsomol members and pioneers of the era of the 80s were drawn to the progressive and unknown "bourgeois" life, personified by the incendiary rhythm of disco. The first white dances for the hits Al Bano and Rominy Power, timid courtship and clumsy kisses to the music of Toto Cutugno - is it not the upper hand of happiness and sincere joy? Along with foreign stars, new domestic bands and performers - "Tender May", "Mirage", "Kar-Men", Sergei Minaev, Roman Zhukov, Victor Saltykov, Svetlana Razin, Vladimir Presnyakov - broke into the disco speakers at the same time ...

In 2002 Avtoradio first gave the "eighties" an opportunity to make a trip to the past - for a few hours back in the years of adolescence, they were able to fully enjoy the atmosphere of that beautiful time. Today "Disco 80" - 16 years! Already a whole generation has grown up, for whom "White roses", "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", "Music bound us", "Gray Night", "Bahama Mama" or "Live is Life" This festival.

Each "Disco 80" - an unmatchable full house in the fifteen thousandth "Ice Palace". Cheerful hits, stirring dancefloors several decades ago, and today are more relevant than ever. The festival collects so many listeners who can not always boast of modern fashion shows. Every year there are more and more young people in the hall. This music unites, gives at the height of autumn a sense of spring and lightness, the coming changes and renewal, romance and freedom!

As it is impossible to imagine a New Year's Eve without the cult comedies of Ryazanov and Gaidai, the solemn speech of the head of state and champagne, it's impossible to imagine the festive airs of the leading Russian TV channels without the "Disco 80". This festival has become an integral part of our life, an element of a common national, cultural space. Preparation for the festival "Autoradio" is in full swing. Spectators are waiting for a grand scale set design, fireworks of creative ideas in an ultramodern production and, of course, a whole constellation of legendary names whose hits everyone knows and remembers.

"Disco 80" - a show that you need to see! No TV version or direct TV broadcasting is able to transfer the entire energy of the festival, the drive of live performances. Everyone who loves good and incendiary music is waiting for us at the main event of the autumn - the XVI International Festival "Disco of the 80s", where our favorite stars will again gather and perform songs with which we walked through life, under which we were happy and sad, dreamed and loved !!


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