Underwood Songs groups firmly soldered into our lives. They break us, waiting around the corner, and then stay with us forever, and nothing can be done about it. "Gagarin, I loved you!", "I'm sorry, alcohol!", "Tell me whose Crimea", "go to fight lions" ... And how many times have we told ourselves - "it's fate." With Underwood would be desirable in the future, taking with them a smile first astronaut, Wolf of "Just you wait!" And Cheburashka with the Hedgehog in the Fog.

Each concert Underwood - a triumph of intelligence and energy of rock 'n' roll. At the club "Cosmonaut" will reign supreme joy of meeting, subtle lyricism and vivid poetry and humor Underwood music. This concert will be sorry to read in reviews or hear from witnesses, the concert you want to see and hear live.


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