The play «Do You Know What Love Is?»

The play «Do You Know What Love Is?»

Joint project of the Theater Festival "Baltic House" with the KEF Theater (Sweden)

What is love? Unforgettable and unattainable, unexpected and desirable, beautiful and unhappy. Love truly rules the world. The tragicomedy of the young playwright Keren Klimowski is woven from three novels: a guard in a circus, in love with a girl with whom he does not dare to speak for many years; a widow who can not "let go" her dead husband; A housewife who does not believe in her constant good fortune. All the characters, so different and unlike each other, try to answer the question - so what is love?

The Swedish director Elias Fingersh, a well-known musician, who is called the "man-orchestra" and "the golden trombone of Europe", will play one of his main roles in his play. A special place in the production is music, which will sound in the live performance of the master virtuoso. The creators of the play are sure that each person has his own melody, and we are all inextricably linked with each other, because our little personal melodies are parts of a single universal orchestra.

Genre: Drama
Author: Piece Keren Klimovski
Director: Elias Fingersh
Cast: Elias Fingersh (Sweden) and the actors of the Baltic House Theater Andrei Arkhipov, Denis Gilmanov, Svetlana Obidina, Natalia Parashkina.
Premiere: December 8, 2017
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes without intermission


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