The play «Love Letters»

The play «Love Letters»

Albert play American Gurneya, written in the mid-twentieth century, at the time very popular, and then thoroughly forgotten, finds a new life on the stage of Theatre "Workshop". A love story in letters that they write to each other throughout their lives, Andy and Melissa, as if specially designed for a benefit of two large adult actors. In Moscow, the piece played Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Irina Kupchenko, Oleg Tabakov and Olga Yakovleva, Vladimir Menshov and Belief Alentova. In St. Petersburg theatergoers remember well the wonderful lyrical play "Love Letters" by Andrew and Catherine Tolubeeva Marusyak.
Directed by Catherine Gorokhovskaya chooses a different path. On the role of Andy and Melissa, it takes two young actors, and it gives the play an unexpected poignancy and depth. Disappears some "tabloid", typical of the play, theatricality and sentimentality. "Love Letters" by Arina Lykova and Michael Kasapova become desperate love story as the eternal fight between a man and a woman. This story could have happened in any country anywhere in any desired time, and Nicholas laconic scenography Slobodjanik emphasizes this space-time convention.
Andy and Melissa met the children, started writing and could not stop. Before our eyes the story unfolds of their lives running parallel and yet inextricably linked. Talented girl from a rich family falls to the bottom, an ordinary guy from the bottom rises to the top of the social ladder. Shy teen novel, hastily interrupted her parents, it is destiny. Held each other, Andy and Melissa can not be together, and only the letters become the common thread between them. The thread that is stretched to the limit, because the love - it slide on thin ice, walk on the edge of a precipice, burn, take off and fall, hurt and save. Arina Lykov and Michael Caçapa tell the story of this love with the utmost candor and honesty, and the conventionality of stage design and the way the actor's existence provides the play sharp contemporary sound.

Genre: Drama
Director: Catherine Gorokhovskaya
Artist: Nicholas Slobodjanik
Author: Albert Gurney
Starring: Melissa - Arina Lykov, Andy - Mihail Kasap
Premiere: November 3, 2016
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes without intermission


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