Party «Halloween Apocalypse»

Party «Halloween Apocalypse»

HALLOWEEN APOCALYPSE - the most powerful event in the fall!!!

On the night of October 29 in St. Petersburg there will be something that just beyond our perception. This year Halloween will be fatal for all of us. Your world will never be the same!

The planet has gone mad! She decided to just get rid of humanity, sweep it in a moment! Terrible storms, man-made disasters, earthquakes occur one after the other. The land falls you have just under his feet, opening in front of you the gates of Hell! One gets the feeling that the evil forces of the world have decided to make a "party" in a single night long. Survivors every hour less!

Large-scale music festival of the legendary club AIR !!!

Party members:

  • The Dual Personality (Record Trap, AFP-2016)
  • Nadya Vozduh (AFP -2016)
  • TOPER (Radio Record),
  • SS JACK,
  • FDI
  • MS 4AK

Show: Royal Shool of Dance "Chocolate", Katarina Dallas & creative studio team "Oblako", Freak show "Vostorg", CO2 geysers, Cryo cannon, light show, giant LED screens, free make-up area, the core of the Hennessy, the show " Balloons"!

Note! Tickets for the VIP will allow you to go to a party without a queue, as well as have access to the A2 separate VIP area of ​​the club.


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