Comedy «Clinical Case»

Comedy «Clinical Case»

Based on the play of the famous English comedy Ray Cooney «It Runs In The Family» (English idiomatic expression, which in this context means "This is us - the family").

As always, before Christmas in Central London clinic reign vanity and confusion. And, indeed, overwhelmed with work: is about to begin the annual international conference of neurologists in full swing rehearsal of the Christmas holiday, distributed gifts to staff the clinic, to be discharged urgently prepare patients ... But the charge entrusted to David Mortimer and Hubert Bonnie. The first is to open an international conference of doctors, the second - to play the main role in the Christmas theatrical performance.

David and Hubert - friends with twenty years of experience, there is no envy or resentment between them. And let one without five minutes the head physician, and the other - the ordinary practitioner and avid bachelor - they are also committed and faithful to each other, as in the days of his wild youth, spent in the company with the pretty nurses and carers. And who would have thought that after eighteen years one of these nurses will be to David Mortimer with the news that he is the father of her child, and today, the day of his age, their son wants only one thing - to see his own father ... comes to the rescue divorced friend, ready to play the role of father. Everything is twisted with incredible speed - is left out of the window housekeeper, an old senile, risen from the carriage, a police inspector, his nephew ...

In the thick of things fall his wife, friends, hospital staff, patients, and many other characters. In the play, in addition to the ridiculous, Homeric funny situations and funny positions, there is a romantic love story, a classic drama triangle and tender story of friendship.

Genre: Comedy Specials
Translation Author: Mikhail Mishin
Director: Winner of the French theater award Vladimir Glazkov
The cast: Yury Lazarev, Boris Smolkin, Semyon Furman, Cyrus Kreylis-Petrova, Sergey Losev, Mikhail Razumovsky, Sergey Kuznetsov, Tatyana Kuznetsova, Elena Simonova, Helium Sysoev, Elena Lipiec, Kirill Ulyanov, Denis Portnov, Vitaly Kuzmin, Vladimir Krylov, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Konstantin Kuleshov Ekaterina Chunkova Varvara Repetsky
Artistic director: Konstantin Kuleshov
Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes with one intermission


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