Children's play «The Tinder Box»

Children's play «The Tinder Box»

Have you ever thought about the fact that almost all of Andersen's fairy tale has one amazing feature: they resonate in the hearts of both the little ones and adults, and it is you will be able to verify this independently. This elegant, light and touching thing that will bring pleasure to both adults and children. Magical transformation, dynamic plot and eternal questions of good and evil. For children it is a fascinating presentation for their parents - the opportunity to once again feel like a child.

From the first minutes of presentation the audience immersed in the wonderful world of puzzles and transformations. Before the public appears amazing character - a dwarf Ole. He reveals his colorful umbrella, and that's when the adventure begins! At this time, you will find an enchanted forest where lives sly and mischievous witch. No one knows what the mind of the fabulous old woman. Well, in the same territories lost a brave soldier who ...

But we will not disclose all the secrets right away, thereby depriving the public of fun to see all my own eyes! You will witness a mysterious and exciting events taking place in the fairy kingdom, will be taken in the medieval town, and even be presented at the court of the King! A great music and fine tailored suits, turn the meeting with the tale of a real holiday!

Genre: Children's play
Starring: Paulina Voronov, Alexander Koygerov Love Konyaeva, Dmitry Dmitriev
Duration: 1 hour without intermission


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