Hungarian Chamber Orchestra «Virtuosi»

Hungarian Chamber Orchestra «Virtuosi»

Conductor and artistic director -Miklosh Senthei, winner of the national Hungarian Kossuth Prize. Soloists: Judit Faludi (cello), winner of the Ferenc Liszt Prize, Georgina von Benza (soprano) and Christian Senthei (tenor).

Hungarian Chamber Orchestra "Virtuosi" was founded by violinist Miklós Senthei and outstanding young artists from the Academy of Music Franz flipping 1988. The extensive repertoire of string orchestra focuses on romantic compositions.

Orchestra "Virtuosi" - known European classic design, one of the best and most respected Hungarian ensembles. Led by artistic director Miklos Senthei musicians performed in the Hungarian parliament, Budapest Palace of Arts and other prestigious concert halls. For almost thirty years of its existence, the Hungarian "Virtuosi" gave concerts all over the world: in the United States, Canada, Japan, India, South Korea, South America, almost all countries of Europe. In recent decades, the orchestra performed more than 500 concerts. In the course of his career, "Virtuosos" are working with the best soloists, musicians and conductors.


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