The play «Rhinoceros»

The play «Rhinoceros»

The drama "Rhinoceros" by French writer originally from Romania, Eugene Ionesco, - the clearest example of the theater of the absurd and extremely profound philosophical and psychological play, seizes the viewer's attention from the first minute.

Where is the boundary between the natural and the ugly? What is still free, and that even goes beyond the bounds of permissiveness? Why, when the instinct of self-preservation, all cultural values, moral aspects, religious beliefs and scientific arguments immediately leave the man? However, like all human. And in front of you is a wild animal, like other same. The drama of the absurd Eugene Ionesco attempts to answer the fundamental question of philosophy about the nature of evil and the root of the lack of spirituality.

The main characters of the play - rhinos. No, not animals, and people who in no time, regardless of age, environment education, religion, turn into wild rhinos. They are driven only anger and instincts. Only a fool will stand in the way of wildlife. With people rhinoceros impossible to negotiate, it is impossible to reach. But more of them, the more attractive they become wild and unrestrained power. They, and with them everything is possible! No framework and rules! Complete freedom in everything and always!

Just what if this animal in front of you - a close friend or lover? And as the story itself, if it is "want" violates your living space?

Genre: Comedy of the absurd
Director: Alexander Kladko.
Actors: A. Semenov, Lykov, S. Agafonov, Alexander Vedernikov, AS Intyakov A. Gavryushkin, M. Studenovskaya V. Kochurov, Karpov, A. Artyomov Abalyan O., K. Morozov Karabulina S., N. Kuglyant and others.
The premiere: February 9, 2016.
Running time: 3 hours with intermission.


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