The concert of Lyube

The concert of Lyube

February 26 big concert band Lube will be devoted not only to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, but also the anniversary of the permanent leader of the team Nikolay Rastorguev, who on the eve of 60 years old!

Mental lyrics, close to every man, takes a group of Lube in the framework of the concert to the Defender of the Fatherland Day - truly a symbol of Russian courage! But congratulations on that day will be addressed not only to a strong half gathered at the St. Petersburg Ice Palace, and Nikolai Rastorguev - the legendary leader of the permanent staff, 21 February who will celebrate his 60th birthday.

During the existence of the band Lube visited by more than four million viewers. Respect for the work of the team have repeatedly proved their presence at concerts the first persons of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. In 2002 recital Lube in Sochi Vladimir Putin visited. And on Election Day March 2, 2008 during a concert at Vasilyevsky Spusk when Lube sang the song "Come over ..." on the stage, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.

Despite the fact that the repertoire of songs has never been on the topic of the day, they miraculously arrive country at the time. One can hardly say that the songs Lube - the history of Russia. More accurate to say that in these songs - Russia itself "from the Volga to the Yenisei." Lube loved from the first notes, and the first words, similar kitchen conversations and phrases coming from all rossiykih yards. These songs are for everyone, regardless of age and address, - the. How birch that make noise all over Russia.

Lube Song is still near and dear to Russians. The current concert Lube Feb 26 - the best way to congratulate the anniversary of a favorite artist and spend a festive evening with the favorite band.


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