Excursion «Peter and Paul Fortress for the kids»

Excursion «Peter and Paul Fortress for the kids»

Who has not dreamed of the children to see the real castle and plunge into its ancient secrets and mysteries? Tour of the Peter and Paul Fortress allows them to feel like real explorers plunging into the history of the fortress and the city. How did the idea of ​​construction of this facility, why the fortress was built on a small island, the secret of its inaccessibility as connected with it the emergence of the great Russian Navy and for some reason there was a prison here? Children have to answer questions, solve the mystery, think and draw conclusions - none of the young researchers will not be able to get bored during this tour.

Traveling on the heroic past of the city, the children touch the legendary personality of its founder, learn about his plans and intentions, to plunge into the atmosphere of the early days of occurrence of the northern capital, which grew at a swampy area in a short time by the will of one man - Peter the Great. During this tour, the children learn how to easily navigate through the walls of the fort, with its walls will see a spectacular panorama of the city with a bird's-eye view, and will be happy to talk about it to their loved ones.

The tour will be interesting for the children, ranging from 5 years old, but the greatest pleasure from it will get primary school children.

Excursion Time: 12:30 - 14:00
Crop groups and administration: Peter and Paul Fortress (St. John Gate).
Discount ticket: Children from 5 years old, school children, students, pensioners, veterans W.O.W., people with disabilities of all categories (requires documents). Children under 5 years of age (inclusive) do not need a ticket.


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