Speaking at the opening for Sex Pistols at the beginning of a creative way, admiringly listening to the Ramones, The Clash listening texts and drinking beer at a party with the above mentioned, they are unlikely to represent, that they will be called godfathers of pop punk and "forerunner of the Manchester wave". Today, The Buzzcocks celebrate the 40th anniversary of creative activity: in St. Petersburg restless veterans will light on 30 November.

collective history can only envy: ordinary students Institute of Technology, along with Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned played controversial Anarchy Tour in 1976, with the money of his father Pete Shelley produced the first DIY-post Spiral Scratch, repeatedly changed the structure, split into as many as 8 years old, however, pleasantly surprised the public and the return of one of the best «Buzzcocks» album, which comes after listening to the idea that the energy and creativity of this group is simply inexhaustible.

However, it is clear and well: in 2014, Pete, Steve, Danny and Chris released ninth studio record The Way, and 40 years on the scene decided to celebrate scale tour of fifty concerts. Preparing to dive in music history with the head and make sure that everything is still just getting started, November 30 at the club Astronaut.

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