Red Snapper

Red Snapper

They share a studio footage and stage with Bjork, Massive Attack and the Fugees, casually remind them and Farrell Williams and Madonna, and almost all still alive jazz legends. Between times, but with an enviable constancy. The stars of the English acid jazz returned to Russia - meet, unsurpassed Red Snapper!

Musical cellars of the British capital have revealed the world so many prophets, denote the further development of modern musical culture, that apply to anyone was the definition of "standing aside" simply impossible. It is not possible if we are not talking about the Red Snapper.

C filigree easily kneaded electronics architecture with not just appear on the background of acoustic instruments, and clearly demonstrate the possession and so, and others, they, no doubt, will always stand apart - an obvious love of the acid-jazz, to which the building in its present form they are directly related, erupting trip-hop, gestures toward the straight dub in all its form and obvious, sometimes fierce love of funk 70s in a quarter century have made them darlings and bohemians, and young musicians with burning eyes who are just beginning their creative way.

By the Russian Red Snapper experience special feelings that make the team to come back here again and again. So it will be in 2016 - the group carries a special program "The Best Of" in the fall of the capital, which will include the greatest hits of all time team.


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