Flight to aerotrube FlyStation

Flight to aerotrube FlyStation

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Aerotruba - is a huge attraction and sports simulator to hone skills and figures aerial acrobatics. Aerodynamic Complex «FlyStation» is equipped with the best and most modern equipment in Russia. Aerotruba «FlyStation» is the second largest in Europe and has four dvenadtsatilopastnyh ultralight engine uniformly charge air with a speed exceeding 300 kilometers per hour. Total power is 1700 horsepower, and they create an air flow capable of lifting a group of athletes at the height of the flight chamber, equal to 17 meters. Just before you fly so high, it is necessary to practice with an instructor for at least two minutes.

It should also be noted the benefits of such sports and leisure activity: after the first flight in aerotrube you will feel the adrenaline rush, strengthen the vestibular apparatus and activate the normal metabolism of the skin tissues and muscles. More exciting and also a useful way of pastime can hardly imagine!

A ticket with an open date, which will be necessary to activate and choose a convenient flight. More details will be indicated on the ticket.


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