Ken Hensley «Golden Hits of URIAH HEEP»

Ken Hensley «Golden Hits of URIAH HEEP»

Ken Hensley "Golden hits URIAH HEEP" with the Symphony Orchestra "CONCORD ORCHESTRA"

April 15, 2018, on Sunday, at 19:00 BKZ "October" invites you to a concert of Ken Hensley "Golden hits URIAH HEEP" with the Symphony Orchestra "CONCORD ORCHESTRA". The concert will take place with the participation of a large chorus and rock band LIVE FIRE. Conductor Fabio Pirola (Italy).

The greatest rock musician Ken Hensley is the founder and author of the best songs of the famous band "URIAH HEEP". The real rock legend Ken Hensley, together with the band "URIAH HEEP", made a splash on the world stage and to this day is one of the most talented rock guitarists and keyboard players in the world. He will please fans of this rock with a new program in which you will hear songs that are included in the golden collection of the British band URIAH HEEP: "July Morning", "Easy Living", "Free me", "The wizard", "Lady in Black" and others . The upcoming concert is full of drive and will light you 100%!

Ken Hensley is one of those musicians whose songs are known to every true fan of rock music. Although, why "one of ..."? Ken Hensley - he is the only and unique! The one whose music sounds in our hearts. It was thanks to Ken Hensley that the cult rock band "URIAH HEEP" became famous all over the world. You have a unique chance to experience the atmosphere of rock music in the modern sound of a symphony orchestra, chorus, rock band and the legendary British musician Ken Hensley, the founder of the band "URIAH HEEP".


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