The play «Jealous woman» (Italy)

The play «Jealous woman» (Italy)

Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Theatre of Europe in the framework of the X Anniversary of the festival is Performance "Jealous woman"

"Jealous woman" - the first play written by Goldoni entirely in Venetian dialect of the Italian language. The author's attention is focused on an isolated area of ​​the city, on the people living there, on a specific time period - the last days before Carnival, and the same social class shopkeepers and tradesmen, the petty bourgeoisie, who live on the verge of poverty.

"This is a closed world. Claustrophobic, are not in contact with the outside world, facing inward, marked by even more than economic crisis - moral decay, which draws the characters in the whirlpool of pathological passion for the game, in a whirlwind of fierce jealousy. Mutual understanding between the characters is insignificant, hypocritical; relationship musty, rusty, constantly focusing on the money; intimacy is dirty, stained insults and physical violence. Here sovereignly reigns cult of money and boundless obsession with the game: in fact, one only fate can rescue people from constant anxiety to fall (back) into poverty, but this is just a temporary relief for the world, whose fate has ordained. No one is working, but the energy is spent, all busy, chasing each other, devouring each other, finding no way out, as if in a maze, where people wander aimlessly again and again returning to the starting point. " Giorgio Sangat

Genre: Drama
Directed by: Giorgio Sangat
Author: Carlo Goldoni

  • Arlekkino - Fausto Cabra
  • Toder - Leonardo De Colle
  • Siora Fabius - Federica Fabiani
  • Kyaretta - Eliza Fedritstsi
  • Bassedzho - Ruggero Franceschini
  • Orsetta - Sara Lazzaro
  • Julia - Valentine Pichello
  • Tonina - Martha Rikeldi
  • Lucrezia - Sandra Toffolatti
  • Boldo - Paolo Pedrobon
  • Masks / servants in Ridotto - Alfonso De Vresse, Benedetto Patruno Marco Rizilone of Piccolo Theatre School


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