Concert Nina Karlsson

Concert Nina Karlsson

Nina Karlsson - sensual, fragile singer with a conservatory education and catwalk past, mixing in his compositions, blues, jazz, cabaret and even rock. Nina performs both solo and with the same Band Nina Karlsson. The group Nina Karlsson significant creative baggage: more than 30 songs in the concert program, participation in festivals, tours in Russia and the near abroad.

"The way Nina Karlsson sings, can be compared with the best samples of domestic female indie vocals. Only the cleanliness and ease young performer combines with this power - jazz marking obligation. This discrepancy looks very advantageous. In general, as is the case when you want to recommend to go to those who are about this young lady does not know yet. " (Kommersant)

"Energetic, but at the same time - a very beautiful and sensual music. Above signified splendor associated somehow not jazz or funk or something else about, and from Renaissance times "Prologue" and "Ashes Are Burning" ». (Videomusic)


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