Optimystica Orchestra

Optimystica Orchestra

Orchestra “Optimystica” is a unique team of recognized stars of St. Petersburg music scene. Filigree copyrighted material that characterizes the careful preservation of the famous “Leningrad” song and jazz traditions, large, truly “Hollywood” arrangements, and the eternal theme songs - space exploration, the joy of discovery, of true friendship and the unique St. Petersburg melancholy - all this makes the team a real urban musical symbol, where every note and every word crystallized everything I was so used to be proud of St. Petersburg as fierce and joyful moments of our lives are difficult.

Symbolic team of the St. Petersburg rock came to light in connection with the Russian premiere of the film almanac “10 minutes older: the Cello” in the spring of 2004. This story is a harsh rock artists led by Tequilajazzz frontman Yevgeny Fyodorov, dressed in suits, performing more or less pop music – was too good to not be continued.

And it followed: in 2005, the orchestra released their debut album “the Demigods of wine” – 11 intelligent and beautiful pop songs, inspired by music ranging from ska to Bossa Nova and played on instruments like the Kantele (custom Finnish harp that Fedorov gave the musicians from their homeland). The album's presentation was successfully held on the Russian stage, and then was noted by the audience during a tour in the United States.


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