Circus show "Secrets of the White Tigers"

Circus show "Secrets of the White Tigers"

Connect the two genres of circus art: aerial gymnastics and clownery managed artists Alexandra and Artem Khrapovitsky Glukhareva Room "Travelers" n / p Alexandra Khrapovitsky. Solo juggler Valery Shugay with "lover" number.

Fun and an unusual number of "Restaurateur", n / p Elvira Elvorti delight audiences trained cat that will appear in an entirely new way for themselves, demonstrating the courage and skill of these artists. An incredible height under the dome of the circus flourish graceful lightness and plasticity air gymnast at Cor-de-frill Margarita Nikonova number "Pretty Woman."

The original juggler Alexander Egromzhan present a coherent composition of the hardest tricks called "Idol." Honored Artist of Russia Yury Biryukov, one of the most famous trainers will present the country's number "Signore" with rare breeds of horses which are hundreds of times makes the viewer arena fade, rejoice, to wonder and admire.

For fans of extreme given the opportunity to see with their own eyes the incredible and exciting Room "Guests" n / p Chomakhidze Beso. This is one of the most extreme circus tricks. The total height of the "wheel" is 12 meters, at which artists operate without insurance.

"White Tigers" n / p Honored Artist of Russia Olga Denisova. Rare predators demonstrate not only his natural grace and power, but also show a real tiger Theatre: jumping through fire, riding on a swing, competition in agility. Each tiger has its own unique character and at the time of submission carries a certain way, filling the show colorful palette of emotions.

A good mood provide the winners of the IV International festival of clowns and mimes in Odessa, sparkling clown trio "Without socks", n / p Maxim Karpov. Have a nice trip!

Genre: Circus performance
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission


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