The play «Happiness - It's Easy»

The play «Happiness - It's Easy»

The play "Happiness is just" - a touching and very funny love story based on the play "Pribaikalskaya quadrille" Vladimir Gurkin, author of the famous comedy "Love and Pigeons" .Deystvie takes place in a small village where life goes by its own laws, but love remains the same. Like the frames in which partners are changed, the heroine of the play - two neighbors - decide to swap husbands .. All mixed up and confused families Zvyagintsev and Arefyevs. He spun dizzy merry carousel, which was drawn and lonely neighbor Makeevna.

Life philosophy characters are pretty simple: you want to be happy - be happy! Want to get the recipe for uncomplicated family happiness, and at the same time laugh heartily? Come to the show and get the portion of positive emotions and good mood! Juicy colorful language, folk humor, deeply and movingly drawn the characters, sparkling play of the actors do play vivid and dynamic.

Actors performed brilliantly funny anecdote about popular people, even naive and inconsistent, but the simple and charming, whose hearts are filled with love and faith in a happy ending. In one breath he perceived the action on stage. Indeed, so eager to believe that "Happiness is just"!

Genre: Comedy
Director: Vladimir Koyfman- founder and director of the Amsterdam Chamber Theatre (Holland). Performances: Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Slovakia, Israel.

  • Russia Valery Degtyarev, actor BDT them. GA BDT
  • Nar. Art. Russia Valery Kukhareshin, actor Youth Theatre on the Fontanka
  • Honored. Art. Russia Zoya Buriak, Artist Youth Theatre on the Fontanka
  • Igor Lepikhin - a theater comedian TRIO "Petersburg Baba Yaga"
  • Love Makeyev - Artist Theatre of Satire on Vasilevsky
  • Andrew Mokeev - a theater Estrada them. A Raikin
  • Olga Miropolskaya - actress of theater and cinema

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes with one intermission


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