Hands Up

Hands Up

November 11 at the Ice Palace is the "timeless artist" domestic pop scene reassembles his fans on a large-scale concert, "20 + 1"! Disco non-stop, nostalgic slow dancing, light show, special effects, surprises and unexpected guests - Sergey Zhukov knows how to make a real grand celebration for the thousands of spectators!

In 2016 a resounding success was an anniversary concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the group "Hands Up!". This year, Sergei Zhukov and his team once again come to the stage of the Ice Palace with the "20 + 1" program. It is expected a massive show with stunning scenery, high-tech video art, fiery dances performed by the famous show-ballet Street Jazz.

"Hands Up!" - A truly unique band that has gone from a provincial discos to roaring stadium. After 21 years, "Hands Up!" Continue to give people positive emotions and make a dance hall songs that are popular not only among the loyal fans of the '90s, but also among today's youth. Unforgettable hits group familiar to almost everyone, regardless of age, social status and geolocation, because they gather a huge audience in the home country and abroad.

There is no reason once again to make sure that the "forever young" music "Hands Up!" For many people is a guide to youth. We invite you to November 11 at the Ice Palace, to dance, to sing the chorus of your favorite songs from the soul and enjoy the atmosphere of a magnificent holiday show!


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