Solo performance «Notes of a Young Doctor»

Solo performance «Notes of a Young Doctor»

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"Notes of a young doctor" - the revelation of the soul, created based on the early stories by Mikhail Bulgakov brilliantly told Maxim Blinov. Yesterday's student who just graduated from medical school, was appointed to the position of chief, but at the same time the only doctor in the provincial hospital. Now he becomes a king and god, the manager of their health for their patients, who are not allowed to make a mistake ...

On his shoulders leans burden of responsibility for the results of their treatment and the lives of people, so every day becomes a young doctor a real test of strength ... He was not one to rely on, no one to consult - the hero is surrounded by ignorance and superstition. Left alone with the ups and downs of fate, doubting and fighting with their fears, newfound doctor still takes up the challenge and bravely moving forward.

The viewer is watching both the timid, shy of yesterday's student in his eyes is born strong, deep personality, able to take responsibility for their decisions. Sincerity and love for medicine and the people, faith in his vocation become that guiding light, which gives him the strength to overcome all obstacles to become a real doctor.

Genre: solo performance
Director: G. Kozlov
Actors: M. Blinov
Premiere: April 30, 2016
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes


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