Сlassical music concert «Truth is Precious»

Сlassical music concert «Truth is Precious»

Works by WA Mozart and Salieri A sound in one program, not competing, and multiplying each other's dignity.
The fate of the two musicians, the greatest of geniuses and talented contemporaries have a tragic ending. One is buried in a common grave, the other creativity for many decades has been declared a total boycott because of the ridiculous rumors about otravitelstve. The rumor grew into a legend. Legend stir poetic inspiration "Russian Mozart" Pushkin and became almost come true. But time really puts everything in place and shows the truth. Mozart and Salieri - did not antagonists. Salieri - not incompetent envious and attentive and connoisseur of the divine gift of Mozart.

Austrian and Italian are both most of his life in Vienna, forming her musical spirit, but also to the Italian tradition retained a love interest - "Marriage of Figaro" and "Don Giovanni" by Mozart know everything "Learn Europe" Salieri - no, although this opera in 1778 opened the now world-famous La Scala.

The evening - Symphony Salieri, previously unheard of in Russia, and Mozart's Requiem, irrefutable argument in favor of his humanity suschestvovaniya.Muzyka two legendary contemporaries will be performed by the International Symphony Orchestra "TAVRICHESKY" led by chief conductor Mikhail Golikov, the Concert Choir of St. Petersburg ( Chamber choir of the Smolny Cathedral), the artistic director and chief conductor - Vladimir fugitives.

Genre: Classical music
Artists, actors: Chiara TAIDZHI, soprano (Italy); Christine Sahakyan mezzo-soprano (Armenia); Perch KARAZYAN, tenor (Armenia); Yuri Vlasov, bass; Maria Safariants, violin; Aleksey Golovin, oboe; Chamber Choir of the Smolny Cathedral; INTERNATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA "TAVRICHESKY"
Conductor: Michael Golikov
Program: Mozart. Requiem; Salieri. Sinfonia (first performance)


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