The play «The Fool»

The play «The Fool»

Parade of comedies for the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Artist Georgy Vitsin.

The action of the "Fool" will take the amiable spectator to the distant 17th century, to the glorious city of Madrid, inhabited entirely by noble caballeros and fine senorites ... Their life is filled with songs and dances, stilted verses and witty jokes. You will find a bright, festive and, indeed, fun performance for a wide audience. The rich Spanish grandee has two beautiful, dearly loved daughters to be extradited. One is a good girl ("learned so that she takes it"), unfortunately all her admirers, are deprived of her inheritance. Another is rich, but the mind in it, according to human rumor, how a cat cried. Stupid, and that's it. Intrigues entangle the house of the old grandee, like branches of intoxicating wild grapes. Here crafty servants everywhere put their curious pointed nose. The potential bridegrooms of both brides lead verbal dueling, already ready to grow into the most, that is not, real ... But, feelings are beyond reason to the mind, and one day the "fool" will have an amazing teacher - LOVE.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Honored Art Worker of Russia Mikhail Levshin
Author: Lope de Vega
Production: Drama Theater "Comedians"
Actors: Ekaterina Belova, Vlad Frolov, Pavel Ivanovsky, Yulia Burtseva, Roman Pritula, Elizabeth Chernova, Maria Osipova, Leonid Zyabkin, Stanislav Voronetsky / Ilya Bezruk, Evgeny Talashmanov, Roman Ishimov / Vladislav Sitnikov,
Premiere: September 8, 2000
Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes with one intermission


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