The play «Summer of the Same Year»

The play «Summer of the Same Year»

"On the Golden Lake" - the first play of the actor, director and playwright Ernest Thompson, appeared on Broadway in 1979. The performance was noisy in New York and experienced 126 performances. World renown E. Thompson and his play brought the film of the same name, shot in Hollywood in 1981 with the participation of such stars as G. Fonda, K. Hepburn and D. Fonda. The American Film Academy awarded the film with three Oscars, including her screenwriter, whose role was played by the author of the play. The play is translated into 27 languages ​​of the world. In Russia, first appeared in 1992 on the stages of the theater. Mossovet in Moscow and the theater "Baltic House" in St. Petersburg.

Norman and Ethel Thayer each year spend their summer months at their dacha on the Golden Lake. This summer, after 8 years of separation, the daughter of Chelsea visits with her new husband Bill Ray and his thirteen-year-old son Billy. Between the father and daughter strained relations. And, despite rare meetings, the conflict is not weakening. Here and now a surprise surprise for Norman (the arrival of guests on the day of his 80th birthday) does not herald good family seclusion. But in the old family quarrel comes the newly-born "grandson". And, maybe, he will have a chance to lead the family of Thiers to peace and harmony? ..

Andrei Prikotenko: "In the center of history - an intelligent, ironic hero - a professor of Slavic studies at the American university at the turn of the century. And we will try to tell a piercing story about him, about his family, about the Golden Lake, on the shore of which the action of the play unfolds. "


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