Concert Dead by April

Concert Dead by April

Dead by April returning to St. Petersburg!

The band formed in 2007 in Gothenburg, and a part of at the moment including: Christopher Anderson (vocals), Pontus Helm (guitar, vocals), Marcus Vesslen (bass) and Marcus Rozelle (drums). Dead by April debuted with the same demo album in 2007, which is actively circulating on the network. Extended version of the demo, already consisting of 19 tracks, in contrast to the original 10, was released in 2008, but was distributed mainly through the Internet, too.

By signing a contract with Universal Music, the group appeared already on the world stage with a single «Losing You». Track stubbornly climbed up into the Swedish charts and the lead 2 weeks in May, and at the same time the band finally released a full-length album. He took second place in the charts with the hit «What Can I Say». Dead by April successfully passed with a tour around the world, including Europe, Japan and Scandinavia ...


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