Music and poetry program «DO-NOT-EV-EN-START!»

Music and poetry program «DO-NOT-EV-EN-START!»

The first stage will take place at the Kolomna concert of Honored Artist of Russia, a leading actor of the theater Roman Viktyuk - Dmitry Bozina.

"The Maids", "Masquerade Marquis de Sade", "Unbelievable", "Salome", "A Clockwork Orange", "Master and Margarita", "Unearthly Garden", "The King of Harlequin," "Phaedra" - is only a small part of the unique images that are created and the actor, who conquered more than one heart.

Creativity Dmitry Bozina always filled with expressive emotion, imagination, humor, tragedy and the ability to give joy and nadezhdu.Pesni "After Dark" (OST "From Dusk Till Dawn»), "Moon over Bourbon Street", "Come away with me", Wild is the wind ", Mercy", "I Believe to My Soul" are familiar to many and are included in the golden fund of world music.

At this time, the poet, the director and the actor did something incredibly new, entailing, eludes the passage of time and space. What will it be? Magical guitar riffs or naked sound of the piano? Swing or rock 'n' roll? The merger of various musical styles, dressed in colorful costumes of acting, or a new experiment in the theater samples, sounds and live-performance.

The concert program in the style of jazz and fusion, songs from favorite movies, poetry and musical improvisation in the new concert program "AND-NOT-FOR-TE-Wai!"

Genre: Concert recital
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission


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