The play «Behind the Curtain»

The play «Behind the Curtain»

The premiere is scheduled for March 22, 2016 on the stage of the Theater of Rains

Actors Theatre "Miniatyur" and director of the play, Sergei Fedorov looked at the creation of the great Russian playwright Brian Friel's eyes and invites the viewer to look at all the known works of the new look. We hope that this show will be the hallmark of the theater. "The fact that we experience when we are in love, perhaps, is our normal state. Love indicates man as he should be." AP Chekhov.

  • Triptych playwright Brian Friel, created based on the works of Anton Chekhov's "The Lady with the Dog", "Bear", "Uncle Vanya" and "Three Sisters."
  • Three dramatic fragment united by the theme of love and loneliness.

Thumbnails familiar Chekhov's stories are transformed into a parable, illuminated with new meaning. All the characters spend their lives "in anticipation of eternal dream". Escaping from reality, they cling to their illusions, but as soon as the illusion of becoming a true story, is not able to take it up again, running in search of the best ...

On the work of Chekhov wrote many books, again and again we reconsider it on the basis of the present. According to Brian Friel, all the characters of Chekhov's works are contradictory - if they see "the sky with diamonds" or stumble on the "gray fence" routine?

The play "Behind the curtain" open secrets "wizard" of Chekhov, proving the existence of miracles in the ordinary life of an ordinary person.
play Genre: tragicomedy

Director: Sergei Fedorov
Actors: Eugene Pavlov, Boris Dragilev, Gulnaz Nasyrov, Roman Nikitin, Igor Lamba, Maria Odegova Boris Khasanov
Artist: Alex Levdanskii choreographer Dmitry Ustyuzhanin, sound: Egor Chiron
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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