The play «Fatal Inheritance»

The play «Fatal Inheritance»

In life, you must pay for everything - money, health or something else. Without happy hero of the play suddenly collapsed on his inheritance. It turned out that together with his father he inherited the property and its problems. Unresolved old stories make the characters to unravel the chain of past sobytiy.Liho plot, the rapid development of events - all this from the beginning takes the audience and holds until the end of the play.

Great game by Sergei Astakhov and Daria Poverennova not leave anyone indifferent. A part in the performance People's Artist of Russia, winner of the Academy Award of the American Film Academy, the outstanding Russian actress Vera Alentova makes performance in real theatrical event.

Genre: Comedy
Cast: Vera Alentova ( "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", "Envy of the Gods", "Still, I love", "Shirley Myrli" and many others..), Sergey Astakhov ( "palmist", "Yesenin" "Homeless", "Fall of the Empire", "always say always," "Ice Age" and many others. etc.), Daria Poverennova ( "Sword", "Capercaillie", "Samara-2", "Forester", "Game" "Brigade", "Truckers", "Petrovka 38" and others.), Anna Bol'shova ( "Juno and Avos", "request Stop", "Forester", "perfect couple", "huntsman", "Petrovka 38" "Hot ice" and others.)
Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes with one intermission


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