Bus tour «Monasteries Of The Ladoga»

Bus tour «Monasteries Of The Ladoga»

We invite you on the last day of the Christmas fast to pilgrimage to the holy places of Prisviree, associated with the name of the great Russian saint, the Monk Alexander Svirsky - the only New Testament saint who received the vision of the Holy Trinity. We will visit the monastery founded by him, as well as the saint Vvedeno-Oyatsky monastery located near the birthplace of the monk, in which the saint's parents rest. Also we will visit the church in the village of Pasha, where there is a rare miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin "Unrecognizable color".

Pilgrimage in the days of fasting was considered to be auspicious for a long time, since many sins were forgiven for the pilgrimage in the Name of God. Fortunately, the monasteries are located in the Leningrad region, and the journey will not take much effort and money. Like the pious pilgrims of the past years, we have the opportunity to wash our souls in the inexhaustible source of grace, to ask for help and guidance from the Monk Alexander, whose relics remain to this day (almost 500 years!) Completely incorruptible in the monastery founded by him (you can take with you bottles for holy water and bathing clothes).

ATTENTION! The price includes a bus ride to the museum facilities and back, as well as an excursion program. The entrance to the monasteries (donations) and to their territory is paid by the tourists themselves and is NOT included in the cost of the trip.

The duration of the excursion is approximate: about 13 hours
Tour start: 07:00
The tour is only in Russian.
A trip on MICROBUSES or LARGE BUS, depending on the number of people in the group.
Preferential ticket: preschool children, schoolchildren, students, pensioners, VO veterans, disabled people of all categories. Convincing request for the duration of the excursion to "privileged persons" to have documents confirming the privilege.
Every child must have a ticket, regardless of age. To avoid an emergency on the road, adults should not be put on their knees.

* The travel agency is not responsible for late arrivals to the place of collection. Registration of tourists is mandatory - see the information on the ticket.


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