Musical «Journey Of Nils»

Musical «Journey Of Nils»

The performance is the winner of the Grand Prix of the Russian National Theater Award-Festival of Theater Arts for Children "Harlequin" (2016)

This tale of S. Lagerlof tells of a boy who, riding a gus, traveled through all of Sweden and saw her towns and villages, forests and rivers, mountains and lakes. Niels was a disgusting hooligan. . He chased the hens, threw stones at the cows, pulled at the tail of the cat. Once the boy maliciously joked about the forest gnome, and he turned him into a small and helpless little man. Niels was full of despair and grief. Together with the goose Martin he joined a flock of wild geese flying to Lapland, and found many loyal friends among birds and animals.

On the way with the hero all sorts of unpleasant stories happened, but good comrades came to his rescue. And Nils himself rescued friends who were in trouble. The history of Niels ended safely. He again became a big boy, met his parents and said goodbye to his childhood.

Genre: Musical
Directed by: Maria Romanova
Musical Director: Daniil Korolev
Actors: Anna Zhmaeva, Sergei Volkov, Antonina Sonina, Anastasia Dyukova / Rimma Sargsyan, Alexander Krymov and others
Premiere: December 20, 2014
Duration of the performance: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission


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