Ivan Dorn

Ivan Dorn

October 15, Ivan Dorn will raise the ears of the whole of St. Petersburg, where with his usual powerful crazy dance energy will present his acclaimed album "Open The Dorn" in the club "A2 Green Concert".

An impressive swing of the dance floors over the past six years, Ivan Dorn immediately moved toward the Western audience and recorded his debut English-language album. OTD pushed off from the first position in iTunes at the pre-sale stage, and, destroying the next wall of stereotypes, became the most distant leap of the artist.

The premiere of the live program was not long in coming - in the summer of this year, at the festival "Swallow" 10 000 people witnessed a daily rave, in all senses of this word, which became surprising. What Dorn uniquely knows best is how to surprise, creating a holiday of universal proportions, to become close to everyone and fall in love with real music. The debut performance officially stated that the clip Collaba is just a prelude - real discoveries are worth waiting in the live.

The show provides operational teleportation to London, Chicago, Berlin, Los Angeles, Detroit and back to Slavutich, is at a low start and will soon be in your city. It is useless to hide, to resist stupidly, to listen and to hear - the most juicy of solutions! Open yourself - Open The Dorn.

"In order to create the Open The Dorn, we organized a music camp: they drove themselves into California conditions and limited English. Of course, we were influenced by palm trees, the ocean, the sun, air and everything else associated with California. But mainly we were influenced by the musical education of Dornabanda - all together and each individually. The album turned out so diverse, because each of Dornabandy participated in its creation in different proportions and in proportion to its desire. Here everything is ours. Kiev spring and summer, California autumn and winter. Here are our joys, the brightest romantic feelings, our regime and musical upbringing, our friends, the faith of each of our fans and our gratitude to them. Here is the result of our friendship, love and devotion to music. And this is not only my global leap - it's a breakthrough for all of Durnobanda's multi-million dollar! And the more we will be, the farther we go! - says Ivan - Jump with us! ».


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