Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2016

Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2016

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21-22 May 2016 in St. Petersburg will be held Comic Con - festival of cinema, science fiction, fantasy, video games and TV shows. Comic Con - one of the largest and oldest trade show dedicated to the concepts of comic books and movies. The festival takes place in many cities around the world, and now in St. Petersburg!

The program includes meetings with authors and celebrities, costume show and contest cosplay costumes, area with interactive scenery from movies, TV series and computer games festival prices to shops and publishing houses, the bright show program, stands universes cyber tournaments section desktop games and more...

Tickets for the festival:

  • One day ticket - allows you to visit the event in one of the two days, any day of your choice
  • Ticket for two days - entitles you to attend both days of the event
  • Star VIP - separate entrance queue, VIP sector in the stands, celebrity autograph is already included in the ticket price + an exclusive gift from the organizers


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