The play «You name - Women!!!»

The play «You name - Women!!!»

Performance-greetings "You name - Women!" at the theater, "Astrolabe"

Theatrical meeting the audience and a glass of champagne to the lovely ladies
The first part: the theater "Miniatyur" presents the play "The paparazzi chasing fireflies," based on a play of the incomparable Italian Tonino Guerra.
The second part: concert congratulation from theater improvisation VangOgi

Genre: Performance-greetings
Director: Sergei Fedorov Anton Zakhar'in
Starring: E. Pavlova, S.Fedorov, Zakhar'in A., M. Karlyshev, E. Telezhkin, Nazarov
Premiere: March 7, 2016
Running time: 2 hours with intermission


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