Sea lions in St. Petersburg?!

Sea lions in St. Petersburg?!

The unique attraction of the Patagonian sea lions trained by the honored artist of Russia Nikolai Timchenko. The repertoire of the "artists" Timchenko over forty tricks, some of which have no analogues in the world taming. Truly they are subject to all the elements of circus and arenas around the world.

Exotic animals: crocodiles, boa constrictors, iguanas and beautiful peacocks, ostriches and albino birds of prey under the leadership of Sergei Tarantino. As well as its charming ponies in the room "Russian Fun". The whole sports team of circus monkeys brought to St. Petersburg Roman Podlyatsky. Its rooms "Sport" and "Hawaii" was rated by viewers of Russia's largest cities, and now Roman decided to open the season with the circus "Pink Elephant" in St. Petersburg.

Above the clouds soar trapeze artists swing on a collision under the leadership of Alexander Skokova, who won gold and silver at the international festivals in Budapest, Monte Carlo and in Astana. A acrobats on masts and rope will surprise you with their agility and dexterity. And, of course, a pair of clown "Peter FM» will amuse both large and small audiences throughout the program.

Following the submission of - a children's disco!


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