Musical show «Chicago. Cabaret»

Musical show «Chicago. Cabaret»

The play was created jointly by the actors already acclaimed theater "Jam" and the dance group "White ballet" .This work is unique in that the actors work in a rare, to date, and the difficult genre - clowns estrady.V synthesis and performance, in addition to the songs, not pronounce a single word, and the more expensive the acting.
"Chikago.Kabare" - is a lightweight music performance, comic story of two hapless gangsters who committed the robbery of the year, and is now hiding from the police ... in CABARET! Old as the world, the story - but with new colors .. rasskrashen Gangsters constantly getting into a mess and their situation is exacerbated by the fact that the police were already on the mossy hvoste.Pri this theater, where they were, lives his life: singing, dancing, and of course, the intrigue.

The main and only prima of this institution, the incomparable Penelope feels that her brilliant time uhodit.Chestolyubivaya waitress Betsy just waiting for the right moment that would shine on stage -Article new zvezdoy.I no one pays attention to the humble assistant prima Peggy that glad to help anyone: sews costumes and waiting lyubov.Komediya provisions, swing and charleston to the music of 30 's, ...

Genre: Musical Performance
Director: N.Panin
Actors: A.Aleksandrova, M. Lysenko, A.Mozzhevilova, L.Nazarova, A.Shutova, A.Rybin, A.Lysenko, with the participation of "White Ballet"
Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes with one intermission


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