«Theatre battle. King of Improvisation»

«Theatre battle. King of Improvisation»

Theatrical acting duo show "Theatre battle. King of Improvisation "
Age limit 16+

Not so do not care about the soul, does not make the blood run faster through the veins, does not activate all of your creative potential, as the art of improvisation. Only here it becomes clear what you can do, how honed your skills in image creation and instant transformation. The situation is thrown over the situation, the jury with their fundamentals offer places to play one or the other image, display a reaction to an event. And it's all right here in front of the auditorium.

Stage fight acting duo, who will come to demonstrate their ability to improvise their talent and acting skills, will evaluate the Honourable jury. It includes ZA S. Sitnik, ZA Russian Mikhail Chernyak, NA I. Paint and many others. As the jobs will be asked to create your own director's cut is viewed right in the filmstrip fragments. From the film can be used only general staging, but the main participants of action and dialogue should be to invent already on the move.

This great competition said Semyon Sytnik. He called the "Theatre battle" true Petersburg competition, highlights the flowing energy of life and superb intelligent humor. According to him, this project is not only a huge potential and a great future. And his appearance in St. Petersburg entirely justified.


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