Puppet performance «Autumn of my Spring»

Puppet performance «Autumn of my Spring»

Created in collaboration with the theater Vidy-Lausanne. There is in Russian.

The war ended, but left the pain of loss, despair and, to the surprise of all - love. Kutaisi, the famous city in Georgia, is undergoing post-war period in its own way. And also in a special way his live ordinary residents of the city.

He lived himself and was Varlam grinder, making a living with music. Together with the disabled, passed two wars, sitting on his shoulder, traveled through the streets of Kutaisi and Boris wondered wonderful bird with very big and kind heart. When the organ-grinder died, Bob was the most important pillar of hope and his widow - Blast furnaces. He magically helped her get rid of the debt remaining after the death of her husband. But, unfortunately, unsophisticated then the bird is going through all the vicissitudes of love, adventure adventure, the conclusion in the bullpen, and even inexorable sentence a judge - life imprisonment. The punishment he should serve, sitting in the window of one of the game stores, which are many in Kutaisi.

Many viewers may recall this story Wilde story "The Happy Prince". Although the magic of fairy tales are intertwined with Georgian folk songs and dance creativity and skill of the puppeteers. In their hands, not just the puppets come to life, and sometimes overshadow his game even real actors. Perhaps because they direct the real masters of their craft.

Genre: Puppet show
Director: Rezo Gabriadze
Voiced by: R. Chkhikvadze, R. Bolkvadze, L. Antadze, N. Kavsadze Kavsadze K., N. Pachuashvili, K. Maisuradze, G. Berikashvili, Tavartkiladze R., R. Mikaberidze and other
Animators: B. Meltzer, Amiradzibi T., B. Gvazava, I. Sharashidze, A. Nizharadze
Running time: 1 hour 25 minutes without intermission


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