The play «Today. 2016»

The play «Today. 2016»

February to Alexandrinsky Theatre marked a spectacular festival, organized in honor of the 70th anniversary of People's Artist and winner of multiple state awards of the Russian Federation - Valery Fokin. The most important and long-awaited event of the festival was the premiere of the fantastic spectacle. The basis of the statement of the guest of honor, who was engaged in his hoax, put short story "Fire", written by well-known science fiction Kirill Fokin. The play "Today" was chosen.

According to Fokina, it was he who most fully conveys all the opportunities in terms of technical equipment of the new scene. Thanks to modern equipment and stage theater space area, the plot basis can be not only saved, but also transferred in its entirety.

In addition, the author of the story - the son of the great director. New writer no less talented, like his father. After reading one of the works of his son, Valery Fokin just suddenly saw a number of staging and realized that a small fiction story Cyril excellent performance can turn out. "Today" - the first test, "the director of the pen" for Fokine senior at the New Stage. And with the help of statement if he "probes" all of the unique features of the new scenic space, develops and expands the theatrical horizons, adapting them under the trends of contemporary literature.

Genre: Fantastic performance
Directed by: NA Russia, laureate gos.premy Russia - Valery Fokin
Starring: NA Russia Semak P., E. Vozhakina, P. Teplyakova, N. Barsukov, I. Mosyuk
Premiere: 25 February 2016
Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission


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