Concert "Impressions of Notre Dame"

Concert "Impressions of Notre Dame"

The joint project of the pianist, laureate of international contests Tatyana Pichkaevoy and famous photographer Catherine Vishnevskaya. In the concert will sound the piano romantic music of the twentieth century. Each piece of music will be accompanied by visuals of the works photographer. You will plunge into the atmosphere of Paris, enjoying views of the city and the music of Francis Poulenc. Hear music of Federico Mompou Spanish. Music by Philip Glass will immerse you in the majestic views of nature. Slide Show for a work of Leo Ornstein "Memories of Notre Dame" will allow a deeper dive into the music.

Tatiana Pichkaeva concert pianist and teacher. Performs contemporary classical music of the XX-XXI centuries, and avant-garde music. Concerts, master classes, lectures in Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, Austria, Spain. Ekaterina Vishnevskaya - Petersburg photographer, employee fotoagenstva "Helio", participated in numerous exhibitions.

  • Philip Glass - American composer, creator of "music with repetitive structures." Author of music for American movies "Kundun," "The Hours," "The Truman Show" and others. You will hear 3 Etudes for Piano.
  • Francis Poulenc - one of the most important French composers of the twentieth century. His music is filled with a wealth of colors, elegance, charm, singular beauty of melodies, for which he gained fame as the "French Schubert." Will be performed 8 Nocturnes.
  • Federico Mompou - Spanish composer and pianist. He wrote in a national Spanish-style, but at the same time was close to the concert will impressionizmu.V landscape 3 Federico Mompou and foreplay.
  • Leo Ornstein (Leo Ornstein) - American composer and pianist, most instrumental works Ornstein have a program, a number of his works written in the impressionistic style. His work is little known in Russia. Will be performed Fantasy # 1, Metaphor, Memories of Notre Dame, Loneliness


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