The play «Three Sisters»

The play «Three Sisters»

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The performance "Three Sisters" based on Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's play is staged at the BDT Main Stage by director Vladimir Pankov. Many outstanding directors addressed the play: Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, Yury Lyubimov, Oleg Efremov, Ingmar Bergman, Christophe Martaller and many others. In 1965, Georgi Tovstonogov created a famous pioneering play, where the leading artists of the BDT troupe were engaged.

Vladimir Pankov interprets events in the house of Prozorov as "the polyphony of human life in time." Preserving the original Chekhov text and costumes of the early XX century, the director presents the play's action both as happening "here and now" and as memories of what happened a long time ago. Olga, Masha and Irina appear on stage at the same time in two ages: the spectators see the sisters of Prozorovs and the ones Chekhov described them, and adults who have long experienced the play by women. The roles of each of the sisters are performed by several actresses: Olga is played by People's Artist of Russia Elena Popova and Honored Artist of Russia Tatyana Aptikeyeva, Masha - Honored Artist of Russia Maria Lavrova / Honored Artist of Russia Ekaterina Tolubeyeva and Karina Razumovskaya / Polina Tolstun, Irina - Lyudmila Sapozhnikova (Irina performance of the BDT in 1965) and Julia Deinega / Alena Kuchkova.

An important component of this performance - music - continuously accompanies the action and performs on an equal footing with a dramatic text. Stringed, brass, percussion instruments perform military marches, then lyric waltzes - most of the characters in the play have their own musical parts.


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