The play «Dream of Autumn»

The play «Dream of Autumn»

The director of dramatic performance Yuri Butusov brought to the fore eternally exciting topic - the impact of the crisis on the age of man and the search for meaning in life. The idea that he tried to convey to the audience his new production, is the rejection of age as such, unless the person is completely given into the power of life.

We must live, breathing in his lungs and heart all experiencing every moment, with all my heart rushing toward the unknown. Then 70 can feel the same as in 25. Age exists only in our heads, and the sword of Damocles will dominate our destiny until we remove this setting prevents to live out of our minds.

The basis of the play went to some great works of contemporary Norwegian playwright and novelist Yoon Fosse. Today, they - the majority of the most popular theaters in the world. Each of his play is a sophisticated construction that meets certain strict, but the bizarre rules.

To understand the story and the main idea, it is necessary to closely monitor every mise en scene, collecting the scattered particles of a single plot. The idea of ​​uniting the fragments of what is happening on the stage, it emerges from under the piles of mysterious images and allegories, then shyly peeping from behind a light veil hints sounding in replicas.

Director: Yuri Butusov
Actors: O.Muravitskaya, L.Pitshelauri, V.Kulik, S.Volkov
Premiere: February 3, 2016
Running time: 2 hours without intermission.


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