The Opera «La Boheme»

The Opera «La Boheme»

One of the most popular operas of an outstanding Italian composer was written according to A.Murge's novel "Scenes from the life of Bohemia". According to Puccini himself, he found in this story "freshness, youth, passion, fun, tears shed in silence ... There are people in it, feelings, there is a heart. Poetry reigns over everything. "

Atmosphere bohemian Montmartre, saturated with the very poetry, love, talent and poverty, the composer with amazing persuasiveness embodied in his music. The vocal and acting skills of the actors "Through the Looking Glass", the director's decision of the performance, masterfully involving even the conductor and orchestra, put him in the series of the best productions of this opera in St. Petersburg and Russia.

Duration of the performance is 3 hours.


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