The play «The Blue Rose»

The play «The Blue Rose»

Stunning in its depth performance in which everything is harmoniously intertwined - a great game of actors, music, set design, and finely spaced comic moments. And of course the director's work. No wonder the play "The Blue Rose" won the Grand Prix at the festival "Amur Autumn"!

"The Blue Rose" - a performance-remembering, or rather, the confession of the main character, Tom (Kirill Safonov). It is passionate, uncompromising confession of the poet, who was forced to work in the warehouse of a shoe store. His life rests on a difficult choice - to flee their homes and realize their talents, and continue to spread the shoes in the box to earn a small but sufficient to support the family money.

This choice is complicated by the fact that his older sister Laura (Olga Arntgolts), which, at first glance, in the everyday sense looks like not able to survive the moral "crippled" in fact is a the inner ideal of beauty, for which perhaps worth living.

Continued Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes with intermission.


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