Bus Tour «What are silent Sphinxes»

Bus Tour «What are silent Sphinxes»

What connects St. Petersburg with the history of Egyptian civilization? Where in this city you can find the ancient sphinxes?

During the tour-game small explorers seek and find answers to these and other questions. Why sphinxes of the University Embankment lost their beards, where the city is the smallest of the sphinxes, whether the destruction of the bridge there were no Egyptian friends, where did the tradition of military victory to crown pillars and what creatures will help to become rich?

It turns out that the city's peace and quiet Petersburg sphinxes guarding the numerous and well-known cultural attractions in the city - hid the Eye of Horus, which is sure to find, because if you do not, it can happen irreparable. And besides - the young researchers are always ready to welcome and accept the Egyptian house, who kindly share their secrets and secrets.

A fascinating tour, created in the form of a game with elements of the quest, embroidered children's horizons and help them clearly understand what connects very young city of St. Petersburg with the history of ancient civilizations. But desire, thought during this amazing journey in time, connecting ancient history to the present day - will come true.

Duration: 2:00
Tour starts: at 15:00
Gathering the group and departure: pl. Arts 3
Tour ends: from the nearest metro station


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