Igor Guberman

Igor Guberman

Igor Mironovich Guberman, Russian-Israeli poet. The most famous of his biting satirical quatrains - "Garik". These little life verses do not leave you indifferent, make you smile and think at the same time. Garik is the home name of Igor Huberman. Hence the "Garik". Igor Guberman was an employee and author of the self-published magazine "Jews in the USSR", from under his pen came memoirs, novels, collections of poems.

Guberman is already over 70, but this does not prevent him from traveling through countries and continents, speaking to the "Garik" fans, collecting new tales and immediately retelling them to listeners. As life has shown, the poems and prose of Igor Huberman are still in great demand among readers and publishers, and the author himself is among the five most read writers in Russia. We invite lovers of an acute word to the creative evening of Igor Guberman with the program "About a tasty and healthy life".


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