Performance «Pismovnik»

Performance «Pismovnik»

St. Petersburg Theatre "Workshop" presents to the audience a premiere - the play "Pismovnik" created on the novel by famous Russian writer Mikhail Shishkin.

Always a new history of relations between the two, whose love is tested for strength of time, distance, and destiny. He - Russian soldiers in war with China, who writes letters to her in the barracks. She reads them swaying in a hammock on a summer residence. Their feelings overcome hundreds of kilometers, while taming and expanding the space to be there no matter what.

Natalia Lapina - master productions, which grow out of good prose. In her work fictional character opens a new depth and revived on the stage of the novel - seems voluminous and full-bodied. People read about Sasha and Vladimir, go to the pages on the scene, communicate with the characters, combining them into a single thread of life. The novel covers the beginning and end of the twentieth century, but the viewer does not feel the time, because the whole production is full of invisible presence of eternity.

At the beginning of the play, Sasha says that romance novels are full of pretense - and in fact we are talking about in death or eternity. But the real eternity, say the heroes of the play can not be a coincidence or a consequence of the death, it starts here - in life, rich intelligent being.

The play is riddled search for answers to the eternal questions of life and death, the power of time and the sense of love, without which - it is impossible to live and breathe.

Genre: Drama
Director: Natalia Lapina.
Actors: A. Mareeva A. Aladin, Shimko, A. Artyomov, K. Grishanov, Emelyanov A., F. Klimov,
I. Grigoriev, Borisov, O. Afanasiev.
The premiere: December 28, 2015.
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission.


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