Show «We Invite You to Dance»

Show «We Invite You to Dance»

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If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and crave bright impressions, if you like to dance or just love to admire the way the pros do it - artists of the theater "Jam" with pleasure will spend this evening with you. Your attention will be presented not just a concert, and interactive pop program that will not only watch the stunningly beautiful and vibrant dance choreography, but also to try myself on the dance floor.

Fine ladies charm stylish male ballet soloists show ballet Bize Lizu, artists who gladly share with them their art. Viewers will appreciate the large number of vocal, dance and comedy numbers, contests and even the auction, at which ladies will compete for the pleasant young man. Lovers of dance and everyone will be able to participate in the incendiary and romantic master classes for certain types of dance. All this creates a real festive atmosphere of the show, which brings together artists and audiences together.

Shaw "We invite to dance" - a great idea for a Saturday night, the place where you can relax and enjoy the live sound and nice rooms.

Category: Shows
Actors: ballet Bize Lizu, artists 'Jam' Theatre


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